Nothing But The Best For Your Skin - Ingredients in NovaBelle Age Defying Moisturizer

Using a cream for the face on a daily basis can help people of any age. The problem is, there are too many creams out there that really do not do a great job of fighting age and moisturizing the skin the way it should be treated.

Ingredients make a big difference when comparing the different creams out there. NovaBelle Age Defying Moisturizer keep things simple with a few active ingredients that do a lot of the heavy lifting. In particular, aloe vera, collagen and retinol are all very powerful and safe ingredients to use on the face every day. Here is a bigger breakdown of those three ingredients.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a very healthy ingredient that comes from a short stem plant with the same name. It has really taken off as an ingredient in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. It is most commonly used as a way to help heal burns on the skin, but it can help improve the look of skin and prevent wrinkles as well.

With NovaBelle Cream, that is exactly what it helps with. It's a very gentle ingredient that helps leave the skin looking very refreshed.


This is another ingredient that really helps with promoting skin elasticity and fighting against aging. When used regularly, the skin glows and becomes more vibrant.

Collagen is basically an essential protein that allows the skin to stay acting young. The results are pretty quick with collagen, and that helps NovaBelle Cream work quickly as well.


Retinol is another form of Vitamin A, along with a few anti-aging compounds that focus on helping out the skin. They help to stimulate the face and create new skin cells. Those new skin cells will fade dark spots and smooth out the skin.

A lot of people use retinol when they are going through acne or other types of minor skin issues. It can also be used for healthy individuals who just want to have a great looking face with minimal discoloration.

How the three ingredients work together

Many people are familiar with all three of these ingredients to some extent, but they are rarely all seen in the same moisturizer. NovaBelle Age defying moisturizer is looking to change the game in a lot of ways by offering so many different things in one bottle.

Instead of having to put multiple creams on the face every single night, just NovaBelle Cream can do a lot of the work. It is always recommended to check to make sure that there are no allergies to the ingredients in this cream, but most people are going to be completely safe to use it every day.

As for results? Every person is going to be different, but noticeable results start showing up in under a week for many. Within a month, even those with fairly serious skin issues can start to really see a breakthrough with using this on a consistent basis.

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